Release the trackables!

You can travel nearly anywhere in the world and maybe even to space—without ever leaving your neighborhood. Release a geocaching trackable and watch it move!

A trackable is a geocaching game piece that travels from geocache to geocache. By sending a trackable off on a mission, you can see the world through other geocachers’ logs and photos.

Get started


Find a trackable

After you find a trackable, log that you have retrieved the trackable from the geocache as soon as you’re able on the Geocaching® app.


Check the goal

Check the trackable’s goal by visiting its page. It’s as easy as typing in the tracking code. The idea is to place the trackable in a geocache that will move it closer to its goal!


Move the trackable

Drop the trackable in the next geocache and log the adventures you’ve had along the way. If you need to keep the trackable for more than two weeks, please message the cache owner to let them know!

Shop Trackables

You can get trackables at Shop Geocaching. Give your trackable a goal and drop it in a geocache to send it on its way.

Learn More

Have more questions about trackables? Read our FAQ and learn all about how to get started, trackable promotions, and more!